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California Baby Hand Sanitizer - Super Sensitive (2.0 oz.)

Your whole family will be hooked on this great-smelling, 100% plant-based hand sanitizer. It is effective against 99.9% of germs and bacteria with a quick-drying, moisturizing, vegan formula. The germ killing ingredient is organic alcohol, an effective alternative to the many harmful chemical antibacterial ingredients such as triclosan.

This easy-to-travel, child-friendly spray bottle locks with a twist. You can also use it around the house as a versatile germ-killing household cleaner.

100% plant-based formula 
· Independently lab tested & USDA certified 
· FREE of petrochemical contaminants

Super Sensitive = no added fragrance.

FRESH CLEAN SCENT - Lemon and lime essential oils provide an uplifting, vibrant scent.

MULTI-PURPOSE - Use to clean countertops or other household items.

DRIES QUICKLY - No damp hands—this formula dries in less than three seconds.