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Clean Peach Co. Foaming Feminine Wash - Momma (150ml)

Nature's favourite herbs bottled to soothe and relieve your peach. 

Being a mom is hard work! your body goes through a cycle of changes and your hormones are all over the place. We want to provide you with a rejuvenating solution that you can look forward to at he start of your day & right before you go to bed everyday. cleanse your vulva with this gentle all natural, PH balanced formula that would leave you feeling fresh and moisturised while removing odour-causing bacteria, hydrating your vulva and balancing your pH levels. 

This feminine wash formula is 100% natural and made with nature's finest ingredients.

Ingredients: aqua, apple cider vinegar, chamomile oil, rose water, coconut oil, coco glucoside, sunflower seed oil, colloidal oats, aloe vera, grape seed oil, tea tree oil, citric acid.