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Facetheory Amil-C Whip M5 SPF 20 50ml (Bergamont)

Facetheory's lighter moisturiser, Amil-C Whip M5 - is now available with SPF 20 and broad spectrum UVA protection. It's formulated to refine pores and brighten skin while protecting and nourishing. 

This mousse moisturiser is as light as air and absorbs quickly into skin - the latest formulation technology helps us to achieve this without using any artificial carbomers.

Amil-C SPF uses Tinosorb® S to give broad spectrum sun protection (SPF 20 and UVA 4*). Use of sun protection can reduce sun damage and sun-induced photoageing.

5% niacinamide and dual action vitamin C (sodium ascorbyl phosphate and ethyl ascorbic acid) aid in balancing skin tone and reducing redness and pore size. Sodium ascorbyl phosphate fights acne-causing bacteria.

Hydroxystearic acid, derived from castor oil, acts as an inhibitor against UVB stress and in-vivo studies have shown it to reduce conspicuous pores and facial spots.

Rosehip oil and pumpkin seed oil, rich in omega acids, provide all-day hydration.

Free of parabens, silicones, PEGs, SLS, SLES, and mineral oils. Vegan and cruelty-free. Made in the UK.

Facetheory products contain a high concentration of actives, so only a small amount is required per use.