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Frank Body Everyday Scented Kit

Cool as a cucumber, sweet as Sunday brunch. My Everyday Scented Kit is a daily personal care routine for clean babes with dirty thoughts. I’m made without soap, sulphates, aluminum, and 20 common (read: more irritating than your ex) ingredients. My Clean Body Wash removes sweat and cleans skin without foaming or stripping. Leaving you smelling sweet like milk and honey. My Clean Deodorant stops smells without blocking your pores. Roll me on daily to let your bod do its thing (aka, sweat) while smelling fresh and feeling free, like cucumber and green tea. Because BO is the pits, #letsbefrank. 

Kit includes:
1 x Clean Body Wash: Sunday Brunch
1 x Clean Deodorant: Cucumber & Green Tea
1 x FREE reusable bag