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Humanrace Rice Powder Cleanser - 1.4 oz

The Rice Powder Cleanser is the essential kick-start to your daily Humanrace routine. This first step prepares your skin by dissolving excess oil, makeup and any impurities without stripping moisture. The rice powder is small enough to not cause tears to the skin and is paired with 51% kaolin clay, a natural ingredient that purifies and detoxifies. It comes in powder form so you can get the exact lather you like by adjusting the amount of water that is added.

Why It’s Special

This low-water formula is a new way to cleanse daily. Kaolin clay detoxifies while snow mushroom extract hydrates, so your skin is not stripped of its natural moisture.

Tips & Tricks

To get your perfect lather, adjust how much water and rice powder cleanser you add while rubbing your hands together.