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SkinbyTej is a skincare brand specialized for people of colour. As a black woman from Nigeria, Tej (Founder, SkinbyTej) noticed the lack of diversity and representation in the beauty industry especially for women like her particularly when it came to skincare. Therefore, Tej decided to make a brand which catered to people of colour for bodycare.


SkinbyTej's first release is a luxury bodycare line made to provide you an opportunity to feel confident in your body. It carters to people of colour (men and women) and targets our common bodycare issues i.e. hyperpigmentation, stretch marks, keratosis pilaris.


A routine for the body similar to your 3 step facial routine- Serum, Moisturiser and Oil, the key ingredient in SkinbyTej's Bodycare line is Glycolic Acid - an Alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) that is derived from sugarcane and works by dissolving the bonds between oil and dead cells on the skin’s surface therefore triggering the skin to speed up cell renewal at a deeper level. It is the main ingredient because it is one of the acids suitable for coloured skin tones. 


Buy up to NGN20,000 worth of SkinbyTej products, and get a SkinbyTej toilet bag (worth NGN7,500) for free!!!


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