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Frank Body Lip Balm Original (0.51 oz.)

It’s hard not to kiss and tell when you’re wearing this breath-taking balm. A blend of natural (and might we add, amazing) ingredients, it harnesses the hydrating powers of natural ingredients to provide plumper, chap-free lips.

Top of the ingredients list is lanolin, a moisture-imparter that combats dryness and acts as a protective barrier against crack-inducers (cold weather, we’re looking at you). Coconut, grapeseed and olive oils also lend an intense dose of nourishment, while vitamin E soothes irritation. Bringing up the rear is coffee arabica seed oil to help improve blood flow and collagen production for a naturally plumper pout.

Smooth, beautifully scented and rich, this is about to become the subject of all your future kisses…