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Garden of Wisdom Mandelic Acid 10% Serum (30 ml)

GoW Mandelic Acid 10% Serum : Mandelic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid which gently exfoliates dead skin cells from skin's surface. Because of its larger molecular size, Mandelic acid penetrates slowly into the dermal layer making it less irritating than other alpha hydroxyl acids such as glycolic and lactic acid. This makes Mandelic Acid ideal for all skin types including those with sensitive skin however sensitive skin types should use the product once a week gradually increasing usage until skin's tolerance increases.

Garden of Wisdom's Mandelic Acid 10% Serum also includes hyaluronic acid to hydrate skin and seaweed extract to comfort and nourish skin.

Benefits of Mandelic Acid Serum

  • Effectively exfoliates dead skin cells and debris from surface of skin
  • The antibacterial properties of Mandelic Acid make it ideal for all types of acne including cystic acne
  • Cleans pores gently and effectively making it an ideal exfoliator for acne and rosacea-prone skin
  • Not known to cause skin tone changes making it ideal for darker skin tones
  • pH 3.6 - 3.7

Caution: Alpha hydroxyl acids increase your skin's sensitivity to the sun. It is recommended to use a sunscreen the following day and limit sun exposure.

All Garden of Wisdom products are cruelty free, suitable for vegetarians and free from alcohol and silicones. Serum bottles are made of PET which are 100% recyclable. Please dispose of the dispenser in your general waste.

Directions: Use Mandelic Acid Serum onto clean skin 2-3 times a week preferably in the evening. Wait for 20 minutes before the application of any other product unless skin feels uncomfortable in which case rinse off immediately. Acids can damage your skin if used incorrectly; always patch test.