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KraveBeauty Great Body Relief (6.76 fl. oz.)

Smooth, Reparative Body Lotion

A light, pillowy body lotion that soothes signs of sensitivity and restores your body’s compromised skin back to health. Skin conditioning oils join forces with barrier-supporting ingredients to deeply moisturize skin without leaving your skin deep in greasy residue.

Care for All the Skin You're In

Our body moves us through the world and our skin keeps us protected from it. But as hard as our body works, it’s not immune to the world’s problems. We’ve got Great Body Relief to help us avoid our problems. Its solution is to treat the issue right at the source: the skin barrier. A broken barrier compromises our skin’s well being and spells side effects like breakouts, irritation, and redness. Great Body Relief gets to work clearing skin’s surface and repairing the damaged barrier for skin that’s healthful and problem-free.

Pair with Kale-Lalu-yAHA
When you’re craving: Smoother body skin
Why it works: Exfoliate dead skin, soften rough texture
How to use: Apply exfoliator first, let absorb without rinsing, finish with lotion.
Extra tip: Can use on the neck, chest, and underarms together.