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Olay Cleansing & Renewing Nighttime Body Wash with Vitamin B3 and Retinol (20 fl. oz.)

Lather in luxury every single night. Olay Cleansing and Renewing Body Wash, infused with skin care ingredients, pampers skin with rich and cramy lather. Use our luxe formula every night and wake up to experience softer and more radiant skin. Infused with Retinol and Vitamin B3 Complex, this hydrating body wash revitalizes and quenches thirsty skin. Shower yourself in Olay's 60 years of beauty science for hydrated, healthy-looking skin from head to toe.
  • Healthier Looking Skin in 14 days vs No Treatment
  • OLAY EXPERTISE: Backed by 60 years of beauty science
  • "B" IS FOR BEAUTIFUL: Now formulated with Olay's Vitamin B3 Complex, our body wash leaves you with gorgeously hydrated skin
  • VIBRANT SKIN, OVERNIGHT: Indulge in our nighttime premium body wash, formulated with skin care ingredients, which moisturizes to renew your skin while you sleep
  • SKIN CARE WITH EVERY SHOWER: Our luxe formula, with Retinol & Vitamin B3 Complex, cleanses and moisturizes to nourish beautiful, healthy-looking skin
  • REPLENISH & RENEW: Our rich, fast-absorbing formula hydrates to nourish & renew your skin, leaving it softer and more radiant