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regimenlab Vitamin X (30ml)

Vitamin X is packed with more antioxidants, in the highest clinically proven concentrations, than anything before it. It’s the antioxidant of the future, but we got it here a little sooner.

This isn’t a ‘C serum’, this is 11 antioxidants in a formula so packed with actives that they give Vitamin X its yellow coloring. We got rid of the sticky texture that usually accompanies this kind of serum and use airless packaging for maximum absorption and minimum oxidation. The result is a powerful preventative serum that effectively helps reduce the appearance of age spots, and hyperpigmentation.

Above + Beyond. Vitamin X includes 11 total antioxidants that revitalize skin

In Living Color. Our production process super concentrates each antioxidant, which give Vitamin X its yellow color (we don't sneak in colorants to achieve this)

Preventative wonder helps reduce the appearance of age spots, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and contributes to healthier looking skin