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SkinByTej Brightening Boost Moisturizer (500g)


A lightweight moisturiser with a non-greasy finish guaranteed to leave your skin soft and supple. The brightening boost contains powerful ingredients that brighten the skin without any harmful chemicals. Its brightening abilities are from carrot oil, which is rich with Vitamins (A, B, C, D and E) and antioxidants that inhibits melanin production and reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation. It will leave your skin looking youthful and soft. It contains a natural exfoliator, Honeysuckle which helps brighten uneven skin. It also contains Nicotinamide (Vitamin B3) is an antioxidant which is important for healing the skin barrier and fades away hyperpigmentation. The potent blend of anti-inflammatory ingredients - Vitamin E and Shea butter, creates a conditioning shield between complexion and the environment, sealing moisture and nutrients in. Consider it to be your ticket to fewer, less visible dark spots and an undeniable glow.

Key Ingredients:

• Carrot oil
• Honeysuckle extract
• Glycerin
• Vitamin E
• Shea butter

How to use:
Gently massage the moisturising lotion into the skin. Can be used after a serum is applied or on its own