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Farmacy Squeaky Clean Towel Scrunchie (1 piece)

A fast-drying scrunchie made of thick, super-absorbent terry cloth! Perfect for your daily cleansing ritual, you can wear this jumbo scrunchie on your wrist to keep water from dripping down your arms when cleansing or to keep hair out of your face. 100% Polyester, imported.

Luxe terry cloth. Made of thick, towel-like fabric, this big, fluffy scrunchie is super absorbent + help wet hair dry faster.

Brilliant on your wrists. Wear it on your wrists to keep water from running down your arms or getting all over your sink while washing your face!

Perfect for your hair.Not only is this terry cloth scrunchie super gentle and won’t damage hair, but it'll also absorb water, reducing the need for heat and helping keep strands healthy. So use it to hold your hair back and out of your face while cleansing and applying your favorite products!