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FOREO LUNA™ play plus 2 (Peach Of Cake!)

A cute and compact sonic facial brush that massages and cleanses, revealing visibly radiant, glowing skin.

Experience a deeper-feeling cleanse at an affordable price with LUNA™ play plus 2. Offering a gentle facial massage and featuring three playful colors, this tiny but mighty device ensures an effective and fun cleansing ritual with up to 600 uses that you can enjoy at home or on the go.

How to use:
- Dampen your skin and apply cleanser to the device or directly to your face.
- Wet the device and press the universal button to turn it on.
- Gently press the silicone bristles against your skin and move the device in circular motions around your face until adequately cleansed.
- Press and hold the universal button again to turn off the device.
- Rinse and pat your face dry.
- Follow up with other skincare products if desired.