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Frank Body Booty Drops Firming Body Oil (1.0 oz)

Frank Body's Booty Drops is a highly caffeinated body oil for firmer looking, perky skin.

  • Frank Body's Booty Drops is a firming body oil to help smooth you over
  • Each drop is packed with caffeine to firm, guarana to energize, carrot root extract to hydrate, plus grapeseed & jojoba oils to soften skin and get you glowing
  • Drop straight onto your booty for soft and firm skin or mix me with your moisturizer for extra perks
  • Smells like: an espresso shot
Key Ingredients
  • CAFFEINE: Firms and tones skin
  • GUARANA: Packed with antioxidants and helps deliver nutrients
  • CARROT ROOT EXTRACT: Wakes up your skin and hydrates you where you need it
  • GRAPESEED & JOJOBA OILS: Moisturizers and puts an end to dry patches

Use directly on skin, or put a few drops into your body moisturiser.