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Frank Body Clean Deodorant: Cucumber & Green Tea (75g)

BO is the pits. I’m a clean aluminium-free deodorant that keeps you smelling good; rain, hail, or sweat shine. Made with clean ingredients that prevent odour and soothe skin, while letting your body do its natural thing. Vegan, alcohol-free and cruelty-free for sensitive skin. Don’t sweat it. Or do, #letsbefrank.

With a gentle ‘Cucumber and Green Tea’ fragrance that won’t interfere with your body’s natural chemistry, the Clean Deodorant is the ‘natural’ deodorant for people that are a little bit sceptical of natural deodorants.

By removing aluminium from the equation, frank body has created an effective roll-on formula designed to prevent odour while taking your underarms back to basics. Sweating is a (very normal!) function, intended to help keep your body temperature in check. Without aluminium, armpits are able to ‘breathe’ as they’re supposed to, which in turn helps to regulate and slow down sweat production. So, the first week or two after making the switch might feel a little sweatier than normal, but trust us, stick with it and soon enough you can expect soothed pits and last-all-day freshness.