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SkinbyTej Oil Me Up

A dry oil whose key skin repairing element is squalene- a natural molecule present in our skin that diminishes over time – this moisturising ingredient comes from 100% plant-based, renewable sugarcane and enhances elasticity as well as protects your skin. It also contains sandalwood oil which helps nourish the skin, improve the elasticity of skin cells and even out skin tone; and because of these qualities, it can be beneficial in reducing the appearance of scars. The Vitamin E and Shea butter included in the formula are used for nourishing and moisturising the skin. 

Active Ingredients: 

  • Squalene  
  • Sandalwood  
  • Vitamin E 
  • Shea butter 

How to use: 

A dry oil which is used to hydrate and repair the skin. Can be used after Serum me and/or Potion Lotion or on its own.