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Sunday Riley C.E.O. Glow Vitamin C + Turmeric Face Oil (0.5 fl. oz.)

Suppler-looking skin starts with a routine application of C.E.O. Glow Vitamin C + Turmeric Face Oil. With a quick-absorbing formula, this Sunday Riley product gives your skin a luminous boost thanks to its golden turmeric and vitamin C contents.

Key Ingredients:

  • Pomegranate Seed Oil: a botanical source of conjugated linolenic acid, also known as punicic acid; a potent antioxidant.
  • THD Ascorbate (Vitamin C): extremely stable, oil soluble form of vitamin C. Helps fight the signs of aging caused by time, stress, lifestyle, and pollution, including dullness, visible loss of firmness and the signs of lines and wrinkles.
  • Golden Turmeric: distilled fraction of turmeric oil, rich in antioxidants and calming compounds. Applied topically, it may help to improve the look of surface redness and skin evenness.
  • Evening Primrose Oil: this benefit-boosting oil lends a healthy glow and replenishes the skin’s moisture barrier with GLA and omega-6.
  • Ginger Root Extract and Bisabolol: promotes evenness of skin tone and helps to soothe the look of sensitivity.

Key Benefits:

  • Brightens and hydrates skin.