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T-Taio Esponjabón Concha Nacar - Charcoal (1 pack)

The T.Taio Esponjabon Soap Sponge is a long lasting beauty product that you can use daily to scrub away dirt for a fresh and clean after-shower feeling. Charcoal draws out oil and debris from the skin and also exfoliates. It can also help reduce oily skin, improve acne, and make pores look smaller.

  • Smell fresh and be fresh with a soft skin feel with the T.Taio Esponjabon Soap Sponge. Reward yourself and look forward to bath time with a luxurious, exfoliating lather. A soap so good that it not only brightens your skin but also your mood, our soap sponge will rejuvenate the skin you’re in.
  • Relish bath time and cherish the skin you're in– bathing has never been this fun!