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Vaseline Lip Balm - Petroleum Jelly - Lip Therapy

  • Enjoy pocket size therapeutic oils to help nourish and protect your lips from dryness with this lip balm set.
  • Pocket Size: Easily slip the pocket size containers into your purse, bag, or pocket for easy access when you need it on-the-go!
  • Hydration & Comfort: Formulated with vaseline and other natural ingredients, this lip balm works to instantly soothe and hydrate your lips while providing a comfortable feel.
  • Lip Therapy: Perfect for everyday use, this lip therapy provides long lasting relief whenever needed, leaving lips feeling smoother and softer throughout the day!
  • Protection from Dryness: With its fast absorbing formula, this lip balm helps protect sensitive skin from dryness, leaving lips feeling more moisturized and nourished than ever before!